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Earn with Empiraa's Affiliate Program
Earn with Empiraa's Affiliate Program
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So you've just joined Empiraa's Empbassador Program and now it's time to bring in the cashola! Here is a step-by-step guide of how to get started.

Step 1: Login to your dashboard

Once you have signed up you will be taken to your affiliate dashboard. You can also access the dashboard here.

Step 2: Customize your referral link

Under the referrals section of the dashboard you can copy or customize your referral link.

Step 3: Check out the resources

Under the assets tab of your dashboard you can access all our branding material, information about Empiraa, screenshots, scripts and our demo.

Two pieces to take note of!

  • Empbassador Program Rules (under text content) has the guidelines for being part of the Affiliate Program. Make sure you abide by these rules, as failure to meet our requirements could mean you are removed from the program.

  • Media Kit (under documents) has our full brand guidelines and information you can use to create valuable content for your audience.

Step 4: Create Content

Use any assets you need to create content to share with your audience. Depending on what channels you prefer, you can make content suggesting Empiraa as the go-to business strategy and goal planning tool. The CTA can be to sign up via your referral link!

Don't forget to tag us so we can see all the awesome stuff you are creating.

The more you spread the word about Empiraa the more you can earn.

Step 5: Show me the money

Now it's time to see those commissions come in.

If you produce high quality content about Empiraa regularly, you will start to see people using your referral link to sign up to Empiraa.

Essentially, if someone clicks your link to see what Empiraa is about, and they sign up to any plan within 90 days, you will earn 40% commission off that referral.

The first 100 affiliates to sign up get 40% lifetime commission! That means that every year your referrals renew their subscription, you keep earning! No end date in sight. It's our special way to say thank you 🫶

After those spots are filled the commission on your referrals lasts 12 months.

What does that look like?

Our most popular plan (called Team) is $590 USD annually and includes 15 users.

If you refer 1 person to that plan you will earn $236.

Refer 10 of those plans per month and you are raking in $2360 EVERY SINGLE MONTH!

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