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How to connect MailChimp to Empiraa

Add subscribers in MailChimp to your KPI in Empiraa

Updated over a week ago

In this tutorial we will show you how you can automatically count new subscribers in your Mailchimp audience towards your KPIs in Empiraa.

For this integration, you will need a Mailchimp, Zapier and Empiraa account.

You need the following invite only link to access the beta version of Empiraa within Zapier. Follow the link to get started.

Step 1

Set Mailchimp as the trigger app. The event will be new or updated subscriber.

Step 2

Connect your Mailchimp account.

Step 3

Select which audience you want to count.

Step 4

Add Empiraa as the secondary app. The event will be setting a value to a skill or task objective.

Step 5

Connect your Empiraa account.

Step 6

Link your Empiraa account.

Step 7

Under action is where we specify which objective we want the data to contribute to. The objective ID can be found by opening the objective details page in Empiraa. To do this go to your myhub dashboard > click the cog next to the objective you want > view objective. On the objective details page in the URL bar there will be a number at the very end of the URL. This is your objective ID.

Step 8

Select the date code from the dropdown titled timestamp.

Step 9

Make the value 1.

Step 10

Test the zap by refreshing your objective page in Empiraa. If the total value updates then everything is working correctly. Publish your zap and you are good to go!

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